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The Residential Development teams offer the following services:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Corporate Recovery 
  • Development Consultancy
  • Institutional Consultancy
  • International and Project Managment
  • Land Sales and Acquisitions
  • Mixed use / regeneration 
  • New Homes sales and marketing
  • Residential investments


We have a different perspective towards the local and international market. Our motivation is to accommodate our speculations needs and backing our mankind keeping in mind the end goal to bear the cost of the following eras alluring lives. We, as a determined group, endeavor to ensure our customers the best of our work.


Akar for urban constructions is an Egyptian joint stock company (S.A.E) for contracting, with the main target to build a sustainable environment. We work for construction and finishing contracting (Residential, Industrial, Commercial and services Buildings) in Egypt. With a vision of opening in new markets. Akar follows the engineering concept of defining the problem and finding the right convenable way to solve it. In addition, our market niche is fairly well protected against fluctuations in the real estate market: high-quality, new ways of building and finishing with the main aim to build a sustainable environment. Further, our way of building and finishing come with some standards that fit the purpose, sustainable environment, and economic standards.

Where to get to us?
201 West Arabella, 5th district, New Cairo, Egypt.
(+20) 227587446
(+20) 1116001817

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